Renowned for its characteristic "softness“, Satèn officially entered the wine scene in 1995.
The term Satèn summarizes the main objectives of this Spumante: the reference to the word SILK as a synonym for consistent softness And SATIN as an image reflected in the color, velvety and shiny.

The Satèn, according to the Regulations of the Franciacorta Consortium, must correspond to certain requirements

GRAPES: Chardonnay (prevalent) and Pinot Bianco up to a maximum of 50%.
BOTTLE PRESSURE: must be less than 5 atmospheres; for the other types the pressure varies between 5 and six atmospheres.
AGING: at least 24 months on the lees
DOSAGE: up to 12 gr / L
AREA OF PRODUCTION OF GRAPES: suitable land in the province of Brescia

To conclude, Satèn (Blanc de Blancs), to observe its harmonic balance, can only be produced in the version Brut and that is with a sugar content fruit of final dosage equal to or less than 12 g / l and with a maximum pressure in the bottle of 5 atmospheres.


It is characterized by less aggressive bubbles, a very fine, persistent and harmonious perlage and a soft and creamy foam, with a surprising freshness and flavor on the palate.


Our Satèn is a versatile Franciacorta; ideal to be enjoyed as an aperitif but also perfect for the whole meal.
It perfectly accompanies fish-based dishes, even raw, Sushi and Sashimi, irreplaceable with both fish and white meat fried foods.
Its softness also places it perfectly as a pairing with first courses with vegetable or white meat sauces.

Soft but with character, we always remember that Satèn is a Brut and, therefore, maintains its freshness and flavor, so dare, try, experiment!
On the other hand, as the French writer François Rabelais said, “The truth is hidden in wine. The Bottle Diva sends you: "be yourself interpreters of your discovery. "

franciacorta Saten package 1 bottle